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United Kingdom

Mizu Karate Academy is a family run business offering a high standard of karate tuition to both adults and children by experienced instructors.


Health & Wellbeing

Karate is hierarchical in structure and a practitioner’s progress is rewarded and outwardly recognised through coloured belts from White to Black. At Mizu Karate Academy, we prepare you for the requirements needed to progress through the ranks of Karate when we feel you are ready and when you feel comfortable to go through the grading process. There are three opportunities in an academic year to be graded, however not every Karateka should Grade three times in a year.

At Mizu Karate Academy, for children we focus on self discipline, self learning and respect. Physically we look at a child’s sense of balance, coordination and rhythm. There are many benefits from Karate training which impact on a child’s well being and attitude to learning generally. For adults, the repetition of drills improves the memory and sequencing. Regular stretching and deep breathing exercises improves circulation and general well being. Progressing through the ranks gives most adults a renewed sense of well being and self esteem.