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United Kingdom

Mizu Karate Academy is a family run business offering a high standard of karate tuition to both adults and children by experienced instructors.



This is the Japanese term to describe a set sequence of Karate moves consisting of a combination of kicks, punches, blocks, sweeps and strikes. In Shotokan Karate these moves are choreographed to include stepping, turning, twisting, jumping and dropping to the ground in a pre arranged fight against imaginary opponents.

For the Shotokan practitioner, the KATA is the karateka’s opportunity to practise his techniques in full, whilst paying close attention to rhythm and timing. It is not a performance or demonstration.

At Mizu Karate Academy, like Kihon, we practise KATA in EVERY training session. Regular practice means that the karateka will eventually be able to execute the techniques in a natural reflex-like manner. As the movements become internalised they can be executed as self defence moves without thought or hesitation.